Our Values






Why is “Independence” important to you?

You need to know that the advice that you are getting is objective and personal. Many firms and advisors are based upon a “captive” relationship where the advisor is controlled by the firm's management and told what advice to give and what products to sell or offer. We believe this can lead to poor advice and conflicts of interest. We are an independent financial services firm. Our company and strategic resources are chosen by us. Maintaining our independence allows us the freedom to offer the advice, services and investments best suited to helping you pursue your financial objectives.


It doesn't matter how high-level your advisors are if they're not available when you need them. We offer you the guidance and experience you need when you need it most. You'll benefit from our accessible leadership, fast response times, and knowledge of key issues affecting your financial life.


Wealth can be managed in two ways; by design or by default. We employ a “by design” approach to managing wealth. This means you have clearly defined objectives, you have a plan for pursuing those objectives, you utilize targeted strategies and every dollar has a purpose. Our recommendations are tailored to your objectives based on disciplined academic research and financial science.


We believe in the benefits and importance of maintaining a disciplined approach to managing your wealth. We employ cutting edge, long term strategic thinking and high conviction strategies to help you pursue your financial objectives. We give you the guidance and support you need to maintain an organized and structured wealth plan.


You can't control the economy, the markets or the general “noise” of the financial marketplace, but you can control how you respond and how you adapt. By incorporating flexible strategies into your wealth plan we are able to modify our approach to seek new opportunities as they arise and to focus on mitigating threats to your long term plans.


Open communication is key to all of our relationships and an important element of our success. We are known for our ability to establish and maintain fluid lines of communication. We become closely involved and familiar with your individual circumstances. It is through this process of communication and our shared commitment to pursing your life's goals that we are able to cultivate harmonious, long-term relationships.